Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alfresco Records Management Demonstration

April has traditionally been celebrated as Records and Information Management Month (RIMM). So no better time than to give a look at Alfresco's recently released Records Management module. Alfresco Records Management is certified for the DoD 5015.2 Standard. Below is a video with an overview of the RM module as used in Alfresco Share.

Note: A high-resolution (1504x738) version of this video can be viewed here.
A slightly bigger version of the video (640x379) can be seen here.
A complete transcript of this video can be downloaded here.

More Information

  • A 20-page White Paper describing Records Management Best Practices can be downloaded here.
  • The Alfresco Share Records Management Data Sheet can be downloaded here.
  • The Formtek Web Site.
  • The Alfresco Web Site.


  1. Hi Dick
    Wonderful video on Records Management. The beauty of this video is in its simplicity.....I could understand the thought that would have gone into making it simple and to the point.
    I have a query......whenever a record reach its cut-off time limit, how would the record manager be alerted. For example if a record is set for review after an year.....how would record manager be laerted that he has these many records coming up for review...?

  2. Hi Vineet,
    The "Records Search" area will allow you to do some of what you are asking for.
    There is a filter there to find records/folders that have been cutoff.
    Similarly, you can apply searches over a date range for a review date.
    If you expect to do these searches frequently, you could define those searches as a "Saved Search".
    To be "alerted", perhaps via an email notification, when records are in some state or enter a stage of the disposition schedule like "Cutoff", then the application would need to be extended to provide the email notification.
    Alfresco includes as part of the framework email notification functionality that would need to be tapped into.


  3. Thanks Dick....that was really prompt....let me work in this direction.....I'll keep you posted